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Saccharine Fanfare

I laugh. I smile. I lie.

1 June
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Yoroshiku! I see you've found your way to this little obscure piece of my mind--that's wonderful! Well then, no point turning back now, ne?

I'm Okita Soujirou, but I'd rather you call me Souji instead; "Soujirou" sounds awfully too formal. When I was young, ane-ue would call me "Sou-chan" and, since I was the younger of the two of us, she loved to tease me a lot. "Sou-chan, Sou-chan!" She used to say. Mou, you won't tease me, will you?...

Just like everybody else, I have my own quirks and oddities... Like my weakness for sweets. Everybody says I'm an addict. But truly, I'm not! I prefer to play with children rather than those horrible things...



To tell you the truth, I've even been called 'dangerous' whenever I'm around anything with sugar. Hijikata-san used to scold me whenever he found one of my "treasure boxes" scattered around the temple we used to stay at before. Well, one of the most common things he scolded me for, anyway... that, and my penchant for mischief. Mou, fukuchou was really mean...

Hijikata-san and I were part of the Shinsengumi once, a brotherhood that, I suppose, transcended even death now that I think about it. Oh, but that was a long time ago. In this new age, only few of us are left. Some weren't even expected to have lasted this long. But, oh well... Fate, it seems, have her own tricks and schemes. Who are we to object?

Saizou? Where have you gone to this time?... Oh there you are! Be a good little piggy and stay put. I'm not about to let you loose around the grounds again. You've been through Yamazaki-san's things again and I won't have that kind of behavior! Make sure he doesn't see you next time, ne?

Anyhow, the next time you drop in, please bring something to bribe me with, okay? Take off your sandals, lounge around, and munch with me. I'd truly appreciate you peeking in once in a while. :D

Name : Okita Souji (Soushi) Kaneyoshi (Fusanaga)
Rank : Kumichou Ichibantai Taichou(Captain of the 1st Troop)
D.O.B : June 1, 1844
D.O.D : May 30, 1868
Origin : Shirakawa (a dappan)
Ryuugi : Tennen Rishin Ryuu (menkyo kaiden)
Dojo : Shieikan
Katana : Kikuichi Norimune, length about 2' 4" 2 or 72 cm
Pasttimes: Eating candy, playing with children, playing the devil incarnate (sometimes!), eating candy... just to name a few.
Favorite Color : Soft blues and greens...
Favorite Food : Sweets!
Pet : Saizou


Character inspiration for Seta Soujirou of Rurouni Kenshin.

This is an IC/OOC character journal for himuragumi (for the time remaining) and eternalmeiji